Envisioning a Sustainable City

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I grew up in two different places. From the day I was born until age 6, I lived in a small village in Ukraine. My family then moved to California, where I continued growing up in Sacramento. These two places have completely different lifestyles. I will begin with my life in Ukraine. As previously mentioned, I grew up in a small village, where everyone had land that they farmed. Farming was our main source for food, because back then not everyone was able to afford to buy food at stores. Everyone also had animals, mostly chickens, pigs, and cows. Most families had one cow; the lucky ones had two or three. Every day, there was always work to be done, we couldn’t just sit in and relax the whole day. The farmland had to be plowed, watered, and farmed, the animals had to be fed and cleaned after. This was our daily routine. Our family had an old car that literally had to be fixed after every single time it drove. Our life in Ukraine was very sustainable. We rarely used our car, so there was very little carbon emissions. We didn’t have electricity, so we used candles and oil lamps as our light sources. Overall, our lifestyle was very green in Ukraine, until we moved to Sacramento, CA. In Sacramento, we did not have the same interaction with our environment, because we lived in the city. My relatives gave us a car to drive on. And back then, in 2000, the cars were not very green, so that increased our ecological footprint. We started using electricity and using our car more, and
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