Equal Rights

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Women have fought for equal rights since the late 1800s. Throughout the years, they have transformed the idea that women should only work within the home and take care of the children to women being able to work in various jobs outside of the home. In 1916, Jeannette Rankin was the first woman ever be elected to the United States House of Representatives. On August 10, 1920, women earned the right to vote when the nineteenth amendment was passed ("Milestones for Women".) After all these years, women continue to fight for a variety of equal rights; one of these rights is being able to serve in a military combat unit. Women should be able to serve in a combat unit because they have worked alongside men in a variety of jobs without complications, they have proven to be effective in military settings, and they are physically capable of working in a combat unit.
Women have fought for equal rights in the work place for many years. They have not only achieved success in this fight but they have also worked alongside their male counterparts while maintaining a professional manner. Women used to be thought of as only homemakers, someone who took care of the house and the children. These thoughts are very old fashion and out dated. Now, women can work in the same career fields as men. According to the International Labour Organization, in 2010, about sixty-five million women were working in the labor forces. About fifty-three percent of these women were working in
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