Erp at Tata Steel

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Analyzing SAP ERP 's success in TISCO The critical success factors of ERP systems mainly include proper implementation and usage. Beside this there are several other factors that decide the regular functioning of ERP in organizations. While many organizations have not incurred the necessary benefit in terms of money and other measures there are lots who have witnessed multiple profits. Studying them will help in understanding the critical success factors for ERP implementation. They will help in deciding ERP success. TISCO PROFILE This company founded and established in the year 1907 is known to be one of the leading steel giants in the country offering multiple products and successfully running many subsidiary corporations.…show more content…
The method of implementing it in one spree carries a lot of risks especially for a bigger company. Infact the success rate of this method itself is low in general and very low as far as bigger companies are concerned. Incase of the rare success organizations will experience effective results in their enterprise operations. TISCO has achieved that by way of meticulous handling and professionalism. The net results of their ERP software have been described to be pathbreaking and a trendsetting one. WHY ERP IN TISCO TISCO faced two major problems from the systems that existed for a long time. Firstly they were not customer friendly. The whole system was tuned to the process and very little attention was paid to the customer demands. Secondly the systems were outdates and the modalities of operation were too complex and not error free. In order to rectify these issues which would otherwise prove to be major setbacks to the company the organization resolved to take up ERP. This was instigated by the concerned departments. Leading consultants were hired and the business structure was studied and suitable plans were drafted accordingly. What Should They Do? Let’s say you’re the CEO of a large multi-national steel company, and you’re running a global operation with plants on four continents. You need to make good business decisions, and you rely on your IT systems to provide the data to make those good

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