Ervice Performance and Service Quality of the Starbucks. Essay

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1.0 Introduction

It is the intention of this essay to critically analyse our team performance for discussion of the service delivery process of the Starbucks coffee shop. Secondly, this easy will evaluate some important fators about service performance and service quality of the Starbucks.

2.0 Discussion

I am a member of group fighters. Our group has chose Starbucks coffee to evaluate the process and manner of its service delivery.

We went to the Starbucks coffee shop where is in the Swanston Street. We bought a cup of coffee for each one, and then we discussed this coffee shop’s service. Our group discussed some elements that are about critical
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The one we have been is bigger than another one, and it is brighter.
The service process for the Starbucks coffee shop has several steps. First step is the customers get in to the coffee shop; second step is customers go to the encounter or queue up in front of the encounter; third step is the staff of coffee shop greet with customers; forth step is the staff takes order from customers and ask them “would you like anything else?”; fifth step is the staff asks the customers’ name and write on the cups; sixth step is customers pay the bill; seventh step is customers go to the another encounter to waiting the drinks; eighth step is the staff calls the customers’ name; ninth step is customers crap the drinks; finally, the staff says goodbye and have nice day to customers. When customers order the drinks, they have to join a queue in front of encounter. This likes a policy in the every coffee shop.

They also have some supplementary services, such as customers can take away the drinks, or the store provides some chairs and tables for customers can have drink inside the store.

We also discussed about the human resource management for the Starbucks coffee shop. There are five people in the store, one staff takes order and check the bills, two staffs make the drinks, one staff cleans the cups or machines, and the last one is manager, he monitors the other employees work and when the peak hours, he will help them to take order or make drinks.
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