Escalation Of Conflict

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The escalation of conflict is not the only problem the increased number of private military contractors bring. These contractors have a different object and priority than the stationed troops in conflicts. The contractor's’ number one priority is protecting their asset, as the private corporations know that if the important figure they are assigned to protect gets captured or killed, it would be devastating for the business and most likely they would lose the funding the government provides. Since the priority of the contractors is to keep the asset safe, they will often be very aggressive, securing perimeters and stopping any vehicles that get too close. There has been many cases where the private contractors shoot at cars to stop them, …show more content…

Former Blackwater contractor Jerry Zovko has stated that: “The company (Blackwater) personnel had large amounts of cocaine and blocks of hashish and would run around naked.” He continued, stating that often the guards would step out into the balcony and point their automatic rifles at Iraqi buildings, opening fire. However, this kind of behavior is not limited the Blackwater, as in 2005 a “trophy video” was posted by contractors affiliate with Aegis Defense Services, showing presumable Irish and Scottish contractors shooting randomly at Iraqi civilians. Not only does this showcase the complete lack of civilians lives, but shows these private military forces has no supervision representing the American and foreign troops and often are very careless, shown through their rampant drug usage and careless trigger discipline, which is the reality of the contractors’ behavior. These contractors often operate out the judicial system, making them above the law. Laws such as the Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 17 states that Iraqi laws and regulations do not apply to contractors makes it extremely difficult to prosecute. These legal exemptions create a lack of responsibility and accountability and often can result to impunity. Contractors that have participated in war crimes such as the Nisour Square Massacre and the Abu Ghraib Scandal, still have not been prosecuted despite cries for justice from the Iraqi population. This

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