Essay About Texting While Driving

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Do you know someone that would not care about messing up, or risking other people lives, possibly their owns as well, by simply multitasking at the wrong time and place? People seem to be on their phones constantly, even while their driving. Some states are now making it illegal to drive whole holding a hand held phone. This is a great change to make because it means that there will be a lot less accidents, and new sights that you get see while you drive on the road. First thing a person thinks about when they think there is no more hand held phones while driving is, there would be a lot less accidents. I once watched a video on the Internet that showed a free writing poem "come to life". This anonymous writer labeled it look up as a…show more content…
If making it a law to not have your phone in your hand as you drive shows you new things than let the law stay. Car commercials such as Ford or Dodge seem to show similar things in their cars. It usually consists of: someone unloading a car, talking on the phone through bluetooth, changing stations or music with voice commands, or even their kids sitting in the background using the Wi-Fi they receive from the car. My mother uses the bluetooth feature in her Jaguar every time she gets a call while driving. The need of using your phone in the car is useless so there really is no reason for the law to be in place in the first place. Constantly on the TV and on billboards are awareness shown on a broad scale to make sure that we as safe drivers know to stop sending text while driving. It is statistically proven that there are less accidents if people put their phones while driving. As people take trips or go to new places they see astonishing views and you could never do that if your looking a down at your phone. The person in the driver seat is fully responsible for what happens to them and other people of the road so the laws do need to be in placed for not only our protection, but for fellow passengers
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