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Mr. Jefferson

Ah, we have a tradesman on our hands! Trades seem to be frowned upon within today's youth culture, but I look at it as a step up in a simple man’s game.


I don't intend on entering a trade.


I'm sorry, I don't believe I follow. If You don’t intend to go to university - something that judging by your grades is unlikely anyways - but also don’t intend to go to college nor enter a trade...what is it you intend to do?


I don't intend to do anything.


Well you must have some idea of what it is you want to do with your life.


Not knowing what I want to do with my life is the one thing I do know.


Hmmm. Well, Mr. Cran, I'm afraid that from a professional …show more content…

Justin (v.0)

He's a salesman.

Larry enters his mustard-colored Ford Aspire. The thing looks like it's shit itself.

ext. city backroads - morning

Larry sits parked in his shit-box. On the passenger side sits trusted co-worker, VIKRAM. After some time, another vehicle pulls in, dangling cross prominent through the windshield. Exit the entrepreneur of the century, THEODORE.

Theodore preaches in a twangy, emasculate accent.


Ah, I see we're operating at full capacity today! Always nice when you decide to join us, Larry. Now, I know sales are down. Believe me. I KNOW sales are down.

Nervous laughter. Theodore recoils.

Theodore (cont'd)

But, if the Lord had meant us to fly he would have given us aluminum skin. Having said that, we don't wanna be one fry short of a happy meal here, folks. So I’m going to need you two to give it your all out there. But, I don’t want you to do it for me, and I don’t want you to do it for the business, I want you to do it for the good lord above ya!

(checks watch & jerks backwards)

Jeez! Speaking of the almighty, coming up on my eleven o’clock sermon! Gotta run. But first, gimme a HEEEEEHAWW!!

Larry & Vikram




What!? I couldn't hear y'all!


(more emotionless)



Well it sure does tickle my pickle to hear that! Now, go and make me some money!

Theodore leaves. Vikram turns spastic, his

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