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I am pleased to support Carrie Graham’s application for your tenure-track faculty position in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Graham since 2010 as her major advisor and course instructor in her doctoral studies in the Adult Learning concentration of our Department of Educational Leadership’s Learning, Leadership, & Education Policy PhD program. Our program prepares academics and education leaders who have a strong theoretical foundation and empirically validated set of skills for studying, leading, designing, and managing learning systems for a variety of learners in a variety of contexts.

Ms. Graham is scheduled to defend her dissertation, titled Career Advancement Experiences of …show more content…

In her current position as an Assistant Professor at Catawba College, Ms. Graham has gained much experience facilitation learning in classroom settings, particularly for undergraduates. As colleagues striving for excellence in course instruction, Ms. Graham and I have had numerous conversations about our successes and challenges supporting student learning, and how we can apply adult learning theory to conceptualize our challenges in ways that give rise to new ideas to try out in our classes. I am confident you will find Ms. Graham an exceptional instructor—one who is able to provide an evidence-based rationale for teaching strategies and to engage in the risk taking that is essential to creativity and innovation in teaching.


I am also confident you will find Ms. Graham has the skills, knowledge, and passion for research and scholarship that is essential for success in a tenure-track position. Last night I completed a final read-through of Ms. Graham’s dissertation, Career Advancement Experiences of Female Faculty across African, Latinx, and Asian Diasporas in Athletic Training Education Programs: The Impact of Workplace Microaggressions and Mentorship. Once again, I appreciated the important contributions her work makes to understanding the variety of factors that impact career advancement for female faculty in institutions of higher education, particularly for women

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