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Human affairs is always messy. You will find throughout time that nothing is simply black-and-white. That each creed of man, that every ideology, that all cultures have in their respective corners likely a few points to score it sympathy along with a reasonable amount of scrutiny. The world is filled with physical variables that humans are born into and take for granted. That is until they eventually emerge in our lives and nations to destroy us or present an opportunity. Life is fragile and the more complex it becomes then the more likely it is to be destroyed in a universe filled with blind and uncaring physical laws. We must realize that we aren't eternal souls dancing on the firmament waiting to be judged or reincarnated. Even if an …show more content…

Everything is going to come down to a collosal battle between Marxist Globalism and Nationalist Globalism. The former is going to mutate into something like a Socialist Republic in various nations across the planet and so we must be extremely careful. I believe that without some guidence this new breed of Socialism which has infected the West will destroy itself finally leaving a massive power-vacuum for Communism to fill. Throughout my book you will find many explanations I believe help define the genesis of many of the worlds problems and I help provide a few solutions. All of which culminate into what I think is a more rational governmental philosophy for the species in such a destructive world full of scarcity and a bias towards the breakdown of complexity; also known as entropy. Humanity is lucky to have ever existed to begin with. We're akin to Plutonium forming in rocks fortunate enough to have been filled with enough Uranium that suddenly creates a few elemental deposits of Plutonium. Normally an artificial triumph of human atomic-engineering and there is reason enough to assume that in nature it can form on its own; only that that occasion is rare. Just that eventually like most things high in potential energy they will decay into lower-level constituents but sometimes in a sudden cascading flash of energy and death. This is akin to what humanity is going through. We emerged onto this world and take for granted all of that

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