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We, as humans, have come a long way in terms of tools. We started out using rocks, sticks, and simple things found in nature. Now we use heavy, complex machinery and synthetic plastics to generate and design anything we could possibly think of. In an effort to understand the ways of earlier humans differently, I was tasked with researching and creating a tool using the methods from prehistory. In this ethnography, I will be describing the tool that I made, explaining modern tools in today’s society, and speculating how I would fair in prehistoric times. For our class activity last week, I decided to make a spoon out of an old piece of bone. In my research, I discovered that in early cultures, people would remove the larger bones from the …show more content…

I wanted to be as authentic as possible, so I stuck to my backyard and I only gathered materials that were completely natural. I only used things that could be found in nature alone. I spent a couple hours in class and then for the next few days continued to work on it. It was difficult for me to figure out how to actually make this idea work. And once I did figure out how to move forward and do the steps I had a few issues with actually figuring out how to carry them out in an efficient and successful way.I am part of a generation where it has always been if you need something then you simply drive to a store and buy it premade, all wrapped up in a little plastic package. So to have to figure out a way to create something that I needed instead of just going and buying it was different for me. Next, I took a look and tried to gain a new perspective from the modern tools that we use everyday. Most of their names describe exactly what their primary functions are. For example a hammer is used to hammer things in and a screwdriver is used to drive in screw. We use a lot of different tools. Each of our tools are specialized and usually only have two main functions at most. If we compare that to prehistoric times it seems almost like a waste of materials. For instance you can use a rock for many different actions including, but not limited to: scraping, hammering, skinning, killing, and carving. Ultimately, I am not entirely sure how I would fair

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