Essay Level4 Health and Social Care Unit 41

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|HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE | |KNOWLEDGE SPECIFICATION | |Particular Activity Planned to Assess relevant Units (s) : | |Candidate: |Assessor: | |AIVET PHIRI |…show more content…
Carer can also learn some words from the service user language as this | | | |also promote good relationship. | | | |The data protection act gives individuals the right to see the information recorded about them and | | | |ensures that information should be treated with outmost confidentiality and must not go beyond | | | |authorised boundaries. Therefore records and reports must be treated confidentially, they should be | | | |legibly written, factual, objective, dated, timed, signed, the use of past and present continuous | | | |tense and they should be kept in a safe place for confidentiality. | | | |By having a vivid knowledge about these legislations, as a team leader I am responsible to incorporate| | | |the requirements of these legislations when communicating, recording and reporting

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