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“Ouch” I yelped for the third time. But the elbow that had poked me, darted back under a canvas. I sighed as I put down my paintbrush coated in yellow. I loved art, but lately it had been tiring to sit down and focus. “ Come on Neena”said my best friend Ana. Ana was also the one that had been poking me with her elbow. “You could at least try something new once in awhile” she said. “Fine” I replied. “Maybe I'll go ask Ms. Zana if I could go to photography with you for a couple months.”

After class, Ana dragged me by the arm towards the door of the classroom. She was about to open it when we realized that there were voices coming from inside the room. “How am I supposed to tell them that I'm leaving,” we heard Ms. Zana voice say. …show more content…

In fact, it had been really hard convincing her to do this class with me at the beginning of the school year. She had wanted to go to this summer camp where you basically spent the entire day, outdoors. “Come on Neena , we only ever do things that you like, never things that I do” I remembered saying. Suddenly everything came back in a flash, and I remembered the conversation that had just occurred.

I rushed forward to Ana. “Wait up!,” I called. Ana whipped her head behind her and muttered “what do you want” Several different thoughts rushed through my head, but I felt none of them were good enough to apologize for what I had done. “Well” Ana snapped as she started to walk back down the bumpy sidewalks. “Wait!” I called once more not wanting to fully lose my best friend. “Ana sighed and stopped walking. She took off her jacket and laid it on the edge of the sidewalk, making room for the two of us to sit down. Perched on the edge of a sidewalk, we stared in silence at the trees blowing in the autumn wind, back and forth. “Can we just forget?,” asked Ana. “Forget about what?” I asked Ana, who was twiddling her thumbs nervously. “Everything, we'll just go back to being best friends, after all, it's what we've always been? “Fine I said exhaling”
“Hot chocolate?” Ana asked with a grin. “You go ahead,” I said, I'll just get something from across the

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