Disadvantages Of Using Social Media Essay

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There are advantages and disadvantages when using social media as a tool for marketing. Many professionals have broadly discussed this topic. Social media usage is very cheap, and often these social media sites allow free account creation, but is it really free? Also there are many risks to consider.

According to Rhonda Abrons (Abrons, 2015),the main disadvantage of using social media sites is the time required to navigate and manage the challenges of each medium. Ever social site medium must be constantly monitored by someone and this person must adhere to requests like responding to comments from their respective users and clients, produce product specific information when it is needed and also respond the questions they are asked by the interested parties. …show more content…

Claywell (Claywell, 2016) makes it aware to his readers that social media sites like Facebook invite major corporations to invade your privacy and sell your personal information. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is a multi-billionaire and his organisation sells ad space to make up this revenue. They run special algorithms which display ads that might appeal to certain users. Many users find this invasive to their privacy and usually just ignore these ads.

Furthermore, Rubathee Nadaraja and Rashad Yazdanifard discussed social media marketing and have come to a conclusion. They state that: “social media can be established anywhere provided there is an internet connection and this must be considered by marketers, advertisers and online content creators as a basic part of their communications because social media affects all aspects of the internet and transforms the role of the internet in peoples’ lives”. (Yazdanifard, 2012)

Even though there are a vast amount of really good benefits associated with the correct and proper usage of social media for modern business methods, there are certain burdens which are associated in this regard:

• Social Media Marketing is a timeous

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