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Porter’s competitive Forces model is used for analyzing and determining the exterior environment that can influence competitiveness of an organization. The forces model is made up of five forces that include Supplier Power, Buyer Power, Competitive Rivalry, Threat of Substitution, and Threat of New Entry. Supplier power is when suppliers try to push up. It focuses on the amount of suppliers, uniqueness of the product, the power and control the supplier has. Buyer Power is similar to Supplier power but in this case it is easy for buyers to force the prices down. If you deal with limited buyers then they are often able to direct terms to you. Competitive Rivalry is the capability to offer products and services that other businesses do…show more content…
Akamai was founded by a MIT graduate Daniel Lewin in 1998 and now has established over 40,000 servers in 70 countries worldwide. The NBA and Akamai have worked together for more than 10 years and Akamai has helped increase the advertising revenues for the NBA by 500 percent since 2001. Akamai has helped the NBA compete in this market by enabling basketball fans across the world to access the exclusive content of NBA digitally on many platforms, making it easy to navigate. Akamai provides a global video streaming service in Europe, Asia and North America. The Akamai video stream provides high quality content, with high speeds and it reduces the time spent navigating through services. This has enhanced the popularity of streaming and has allowed more streaming on digital platforms. It has contributed to the market coverage of NBA as well as the competitive ability. The use of the Akamai has enabled the NBA to enhance a specific niche in delivering the digital content to its subscribers. The NBA has imposed entry barriers for copyrights, which is the illegal use of the Akamai streaming services. This creates control over the uses of the product and the association is able to protect itself against piracy where the content is offered for
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