Essay On Ancient Egypt

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Ancient egypt was a complex civilization because it had all of the important civilization indicators. Some of the indicators were well organized government, religion, skills and job, social classes, and trade.
Every complex society needs a well organized government because it can make people follow the laws instead of letting them break the laws.

There are many important people in ancient egypt which are all the pharaohs that died and that are still alive. The viziers were the ones who watched over the land but did not make the decisions because They were like the chief overseer but it was the Pharaoh who made all of the executive decisions. Also the people in Egypt have to pay taxes to the government because without taxes the government will not have enough money to pay for their country. The chief is responsible for the government's wealth and collecting taxes because in ancient Egypt, they paid in goods, not in money, such as cloth, grain, animals, and silver shekels. The general of the army was the top military commander in Egypt after the pharaoh.

Ancient Egypt also had religion.
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There are many skills and jobs in ancient egypt for example Bakers, scribes, priests, noblemen, soldiers, farmers, and merchants. These are the most important jobs in ancient egypt. Most of the Ancient Egyptians were farmers. They grew barley to make bear and the farmers use flax to make it into linen and more. The farmers grew their crops close to the banks of the nile river where the rich soil is good for crops. Another job is craftspeople. There were wide varieties of craftsmen jobs such as carpenters, weavers, jewelers, leather workers, and potters. The women had jobs also. The women work as: Grinding Girl, Supervisor of the Cloth, Supervisor of the Wig Workshop, Treasurer, Steward, Composer, Songstress, Prostitute, Weaver, Dancer, Musician, Mourner, Priestess, Supervisor of the Dancers of the King, and Supervisor of the Royal
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