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Athletics have been an integral part of society. Most likely, everyone grew up favoring and engaging in certain sports. Overtime, each individual likely developed an injury related to his or her sport or witnessed professional athlete injuries. Therefore, we try to avoid injuries by taking precautious measures such as, stretching, strengthening certain muscle groups that are utilized in sport, and even managing recovery. Two common methods of athlete recovery are cold water immersion and contrast water therapy are analyzed and compared in a systematic review and meta-analysis by Higgins, Greene, and Baker. A systematic review and meta-analysis infers that the authors summarized other published research (empirical data) that met specific …show more content…

Additionally, more elaboration on why creatine kinase was the most focused on biochemical marker over others would help readers to understand human physiology and changes that occur after applying stressors. While it is known that creatine kinase is an enzyme that leaks out of damaged muscle and is present in the blood stream, more clarity on reporting could lend insight to further treatment success evidence.2 Thereby this study could improve on meeting intellectual standards of clarity.

Second, accuracy is an important intellectual standard that gains the trust of readers by presenting data that is free from errors and presents as true.1 Since this article is a systematic review and meta-analysis, we (as readers) can always refer to the twenty-three referenced articles that were used to gather the empirical data for verification purposes. The data presented in this study appears to be accurately represented, thereby meeting the accuracy intellectual standard. For instance, when reading the biochemical markers section, we read about creatine kinase being the main biochemical marker that indicates the effectiveness of each therapy technique. Higgins et al. has included a figure (figure 10) that displays a forest plot for cold water immersion vs. control in measures of creatine kinase, which lists data from referenced studies.3 Lastly, if we wanted to replicate the study for even further validation of accuracy, we would follow the specific

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