Essay On Becoming A Probation Officer

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Pursuing a career that provides fulfillment, challenge, and measurable growth is important. The thought of becoming a Probation Officer equates to a career of giving back while helping to protect the community. In addition, making a difference and developing a long-lasting positive change in the lives of the individuals under supervision would be self-gratifying. The duties of a Probation Officer caught my attention as my work experience, educational background and skills closely match the job requirements. Working as a Probation Officer also aligns with my career goal and a personal mission of working within the field of criminal justice and law. Working with the United States Courts is appealing to me because it seeks characteristics in individuals that I embody such as commitment, integrity, passion, and responsibility.
My educational background serves as a great foundation and asset of knowledge to contribute to this position. I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Sociology at Morehouse College. As a part of our curriculum, I studied various concepts of Criminal Justice, Psychology, Deviant Behavior, Crime Trends, Demography, and Professional Communication to name a few. As a student, my research focused on cross-sectional studies of the disproportionately high rates of incarceration among
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Effective communication skills, charisma, cultural competency, integrity, and commitment are all attributes that will assist in my performance as a Probation Officer. I understand that being a Probation Officer can be challenging, yet rewarding. The opportunity to help with protecting the community, assisting in the fair administration of justice and bringing about long positive change would be self-gratifying. All that encompasses being a United States Probation Officer inspires me to work with the field of probation and pretrial
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