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Caffeine to the average consumer is just an ingredient that keeps the consumer awake. This is a mental stimulant that blocks receptors in the brain, simulating that the consumer is not tired. Given that everyone is not informed about the many other things that caffeine does to one’s body, it is acceptable in society without question. Almost everyone on Earth has access to some form of caffeine—regardless of age. Caffeine is available in a variety of things like food, drinks, plants and even medications. Caffeine is a widely available drug that affects people differently in mental, physical and social categories. Firstly, Caffeine is available to everyone worldwide. Although caffeine could be found in things like plants before the 17th…show more content…
Within the experiment, the team administered 200 milligrams of caffeine to a select number of patients while the remaining were given a placebo (Borota et al). A placebo, in experiments are pills that have no effect on the user. The placebo recipients were under no effects while the caffeine recipients got a boost to their ability to recall long-term memory. This was expected given that they have no effect on the individual. This was crucial for the experiment because without it the team could not be sure if caffeine produced the result. Since the study concluded that caffeine improved people’s ability to recall long-term memory, caffeine is beneficial for mental health. Although caffeine has been proven to improve mental health, it can also harm it. Negative effects on a person’s mental health have been shown to have a correlation with caffeine ingestion. Lesk et als study reports that after ingesting caffeine, college students found it harder “to find a word that they already knew”. In comparison to the study conducted by Borota et al, 200 mg of caffeine was administered to the participants, as it is the average amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee. Within the study, people tried to repeat back words they were told beforehand and some experienced a lack of memory. This study uses caffeine in efforts to find an effect on mental state. Lesk et al concluded that forgetfulness is a short-term effect on the consumer. The act of forgetting

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