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The founder of Steers, George Halamandaris, introduced the first steakhouse concept in the 1960s and his son John Halamandaris took over the project and opened the first Steers in 1970 in Jeppe, Johannesburg. After a great response from the public John formed a partnership with some family members which continued to grow throughout the years. Throughout the first decade Steers went by many names but now remains Steers. In the 1980s all of the shares were sold to Famous Brands.
Steers continues to expand and exceed their revenue expectation every year. Their Revenue currently sits on R22 billion with over 525 stores nationwide. This well-known fast food franchise is synonymous with pure flame grilled beef burgers and homemade chips. …show more content…

Education levels in South Africa are very low meaning that it is hard for the business to find employees with the required skills and the sector would need to provide training programs for future employees which would add to the expenses of Steers. Unemployment rates ( July 2017@27.7%) impact the business both positively and negatively. Positively being that the business would be able to hire a workforce for less as there are many different people willing to work for minimum wage which is R3081 in this specific industry. Unemployment impacts the business negatively because when people are not employed they do not have a source of income meaning they will not have enough money to invest into the business as the small amount of funds they have would be used to provide their basic needs. Below is an interview conducted with a Steers employer, Zoran Pecelj. The following interview will provide insight to what employees are looking for and to what extent an employer feels liable for their

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