Essay On Cognitive Learning

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Findings and analysis
The purpose of this study was to find out whether the ‘Implementation of free-flow play will impact on cognitive learning for children aged two to three in a private day nursery.’ This research was conducted through carrying observations and questionnaires to collect quantitative and qualitative data. To then correlate and create graphs and charts to display the results found. These charts and graphs will then help to show what was found from carrying out this research project.
The column chart (Appendix 7i) shows the staffs opinion to whether or not children have access at all times to the resources. Six members of staff picked no to children having access which resulted in 60% of staff. 30% of staff ticked yes and …show more content…

However, the other graph contradicts this as staff find that not all resources can be available, resulting in the children not having free-flow play.
Question five then leads on from question three as it asks; should play opportunities be structured, with learning intentions defined by the adult? The pie chart shows the quantitative results of the findings, five members of staff chose yes resulting in 50%, three participants chose no resulting in 30% and two chose both yes and no resulting in 20. In (Appendix 8ii) it displays all of the answers given by the participants for the reason for their answer. One participant states ‘We implement activities with learning interventions to suit individual children’s needs however, know that these are not set and the children will find their own learning and we may observe different learning which we can use to further learning and development in a continual cycle.’ This is supported by the literature review as Drake (2014) states planned experiences are a way to support learning and using children’s interests allows them to gain specific skills and knowledge Vygotsky (1934) agrees with Drake and the participant as children need support in individual development.
Question six: What other learning opportunities do staff provide? In (Appendix 8iii) it shows all the individual answers displayed. In (Appendix 7iiiiii) it shows

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