Essay On Financial Aid Appeal

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Dear Minot State Financial Aid Department,
I am writing to you to appeal the Financial Aid Status I am currently placed under. Although you may not know me, if you look back at my grade history, this is not the student I am. I am a student who strives to work hard, and to do the ultimate best of my abilities. I usually beat myself up over homework and test grades. Throughout my career at Minot State University, my GPA never fell below a 3.70, I have been on the Dean’s/President’s Honor Roll since Fall of 2015. The only problem semester I have had previously was my first semester as a Freshman, and that was all about how I adjusted to college. After that first semester; I have only strived to reach my goals, and have worked tremendously
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I had to step up and work outside of the farm during the week to help with our household expenses. When I would be done with my workday, I also had to do my duty on the farm and help little where I could. All these factors hindered my participation in the classes. I did try to drop the class I took through UND but it was too late in the term to do so. I started the late drop procedure and things took longer than expected, and by the time I figured the steps that needed to be taken, the final was already handed out to the class. I ended up completely forgetting about the Tech course I was enrolled in through MSU, as it was a course that was done at your own speed.
Because of the nature of my situation, I do not have any legal documents or written statements from anyone. But these situations have now been dismissed. My grandmother’s health is not improving, but family and health care professionals are taking care of her; and trying to get her placed into swing bed when the timing is appropriate. I do not have a weeding to plan any longer, my extra house guest has now gone back home, the farming started to turn around with the late rain we have received. My part time job is now very flexible, I only have to complete 30 hours of work in a three-month span to keep my position. Because I will be working minimum to focus on education, my Financial Aid is crucial for me. I am 100% ready to get back into my education degree.
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