Essay On Gestalt Therapy

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Gestalt Therapy 101.

You and a partner will take turns playing the therapist and the patient, using Gestalt Therapy.

As the therapist, you will be using Gestalt Theory to try pull the person out of their “safety zone”, and into a confrontational zone. Although there are many things one can do in Gestalt Theory, the first roleplay will focus mainly on getting a reaction out of the patient.

Here are some tips of what you can do to get this reaction:

Focus on the Now:
If conversation turns to “past or future events”, bring patients back to the present by asking them questions.

- Express past or future events as present:
- When I was a child…
- Are you a child now?
- Yesterday….
- I want to know about today

- Making a reference to what they are doing with their body
- Changes in body posture, foot moving, body and facial changes
- “I see that you are moving your foot.”
- “Are you covering …show more content…

Below are a few of these theories, and some explanation for who each of these principles would be best suited for.

Awareness/Here and Now:

Some patients may be constantly reminiscing of moments in their past, maybe about certain events that have bothered or traumatised them. Others may have their minds in the future, constantly anxious of all possible futures that may be handed to them. Applying the principles of awareness, or the here and now, will bring the patient’s emotions into the present, where they are to be managed in the now.

To deal with the present, the therapist should bring all words, and body actions into the present.

This tactic would be beneficial for patients with past traumatic stress and for people who generate anxiety from imagining future moments.

This could be anything from patients with monetary problems, strains in their relationship with their family and friends, dealing with physical pain and unwanted thoughts.

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