Essay On Health Care Administrator Career

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The career path I have chosen to pursue is being a health care administrator. There are many different career opportunities available in this field. Throughout this assignment I will be outlining the roles and responsibilities as an administrator or manager in healthcare, explaining the education requirements and certifications available, describing the needed skill sets and personality traits to be successful in such a role, my career goals and how Kaplan University career services can help me in achieving my goals and where I intend to see myself professionally in the next 5 years. This chosen career path will require a lot of hard work, diligence, effort and time to become successful in this field.

My chosen profession is in the field of health care administration. In this field my job role would consist of responsibilities such as planning, directing and coordinating a medical practice or clinical staff, developing and maintaining records such as personnel files, managing the clinical staff, conducting the hiring and training of new and existing employees, updating and maintaining current licensure for the facility and working to improve health care reform.
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While in some areas it is not needed, most require at least a bachelor’s degree in health care administration. A lot of administrators also hold a master’s degree in their field. If you are working in a long term care facility you must take an exam and be certified by the American college of health care administrators. While these certifications are not required the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management offers a certificate in medical management and the American Health Information Management Association offers a certificate in health information management. Holding additional certifications makes you more marketable when being
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