Health Care Leadership Essay

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An excellent health care leader needs to be surrounded and supported by competent and empathetic subordinate health care professionals who like what they do.
“Leaders in health care should be upfront and leading by example to demonstrate their leadership abilities and assist with health care duties and responsibilities. A good leader says let’s go and gets things done instead of waiting for others to get them done. He must be in the front line seeing patients and managing the health care duties that makes their health care practices successful. An efficient leader must understand every-ones roles and responsibilities in order to appreciate what everyone does in the practice. Appreciating what each employee does for the practice is key to
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“Mimic the best brands on costumer satisfaction strategies” (Carmine Gallo 2016). Leaders must convey a vision and mission of the objective in order to get employees to contribute to a great cause, “healing human kind one patient at the time by alleviating suffering, promoting health, and delivering acts of kindness”(Feinberg 2016). Effective leaders project values and ethics among employees by leading by example on a daily basis. Successful health care leaders take action by helping others to accomplish their duties by going to their work areas and helping with their medical task in order to take care of the patients needs. Effective communication is an essential key component in effective and successful health care leadership. The medical practice must train all employees to communicate effective in writing and verbally so there is no misunderstandings between patient and health care provider. Lastly, a great health care leader must be able to inspire confidence with exceptional bedside manner that allows patients to feel comfortable and connect with their medical provider. A good provider tells a great story and invites patients to do the same instead of reading from a chart, “invite patients to speak” (Carmine Gallo
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