Essay On Health Promoting Behaviour

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When deciding on a health promoting behaviour I should change I looked no further than where we all spend almost half our lives, the bedroom. I would describe my sleeping habits to be alright if someone asked, but before attempting to change some of my current habits i would spend most of the day with droopy eyes wondering when the next opportunity for a nap would present itself. A mirage of what a productive person I could be always moving further and further away with each of my efforts getting crushed under my overwhelming desire to press the snooze button and sleep for a few more minutes… This in essence, described the daily battle I faced and with a change needing to be made for the success of this project, I took it upon myself to …show more content…

Even after all my objectives for the day had been completed, I would be wasting time on the internet, playing video games, or hanging out with friends. All of these things were fine, but they were causing a distraction from my attempt to get to bed early. A few variables that I also noticed that could have been causing disruption in my sleep were lights flooding into my room from my window, my neighbors playing loud music late at night, and the temperature of my room being too warm. The average amount of time I was spending asleep each night was around 6 hours and 45 minutes which is just below the average recommendation of 7-9 hours for someone my age. I believe this week of reflection will prove to be very beneficial in the coming weeks I improve these shortcoming to reach my goal of getting up earlier and being less tire while doing so. *Averages for weekly hours asleep each night were measured with a Fitbit. Week 2: My objective for week two consisted of increasing the amount of time spent asleep by 15 minutes so I was aiming for around a 7 hour average for week two. This week proved to be very difficult since I made the abrupt shift to getting up at 6 o'clock every weekday morning. I tried to be in bed by at least 10:45 each night which was a very attainable goal since most of my week night events get over long before this. Despite having one night where I was up late talking to a friend which caused me to hit snooze the

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