Essay On Holocaust Survivors

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Survivors of the Holocaust
Concentration camps had very little survivors, due to how hard the day to day life was on the concentration camps, and how the other countries such as the soviet union had concentration camps. Concentration camps were designed to kill people so I think it is very interesting to learn about how some people survived. The day to day life in concentration camps was extremely hard so I wondered what they actually did is very interesting. During my research I learned that other countries had concentration camps and that it's not a new idea. Concentration camps had very little survivors so I would like to learn about how some people survived. Some people survived by hiding (like Anne Frank), or they got lucky and survived …show more content…

The living conditions in the camps were completely based on your nationality, so if you were Jewish you were treated horribly but if you were treated better like the P.O.Ws you got better assignments. Everyone was still treated horribly it was more based on was who was treated the best out of the worst. If you were Jewish you were stuck with the worst jobs and beaten by guards and sometimes even other prisoners. If you were a P.O.W you got supervisor jobs and more food. The conditions were totally based on nationality and what camp you were in. …show more content…

The jobs of the Jews were appalling they worked for 12 plus hours then went "home" (which wasn’t really home it was cramped dilapidated place with many people living their) sleep and try to get food. If you were something higher in the hierarchical chain you got good jobs like a supervisor and got more food. Most of the jobs were in factories making synthetic rubber or mining all day. That is what the prisoners in the camps did in their day to day life. - Other countries had concentration camps and it isn't a new idea. The soviet union had labor camps that they called the gulags. What were the conditions in the camps? Why did they need the concentration camps? I didn’t know that other countries had concentration camps that is the reason that I wanted to write about it. Gulag is an acronym for Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps (in German the acronym spells gulag). The gulags were used as work camps for Nazi P.O.Ws during the holocaust, but they were used before. The biggest camp was in the coldest part of Siberia with unsanitary conditions and are starved. The gulag camps were used to get work out of P.O.Ws and kill them in the process. That was what the Gulag camps were used

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