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How to Empower Your Employees to Be More Productive

Every business wants their employees to be productive. But productivity is a tricky thing – it cannot be forced upon anyone. Productivity is, in fact, driven by the exact opposite: human empowerment. A 2005 study found that employee empowerment is the only true sustainable advantage companies can enjoy.

So, how to empower employees in a way that helps them be more productive? Here are a few strategies that will help your organisation successfully boost productivity through empowerment.

Avoid micromanagement

People don’t like micromanagement. If you are constantly watching over the shoulders of the employees, you won’t get good results. It can hinder employee motivation and happiness, …show more content…

Encourage teamwork

The work environment is an important part of the productivity equation and one of the key elements of it is the team. If your employees don’t get along with each other, then motivation will suffer consequently. In fact, around 60% to 80% of workplace difficulties can be attributed to strained workplace relationships.

It’s crucial to encourage team bonding. Not everyone has to become best friends but you do need everyone to get along and respect each other. You want regular team-building activities that involve both work and non-work activities. If your budget allows it, you can take employees off premise every once in a while but this isn’t necessary. You can also encourage team bonding with office games and relaxed workdays.

Harness the use of technology

Technology is a powerful tool when it comes to productivity. There are countless gadgets and software solutions that can automate certain tasks and leave more time for creative work. As a result, productivity often goes up.

But there is another aspect to the use of technology. It also empowers the employees to work harder and better – it boosts collaboration and often improves teamwork.

It’s important to allow the use of diverse technology within your organisation. You don’t want to limit the use of technology. The more connected and digital your employees are,

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