Essay On Hypothermia

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Where have you heard the word hypothermia? At the hospital? On a camping trip? While playing Pokemon Go? Hypothermia is actually a very serious medical condition. So, your prized Pikachu probably didn't get hypothermia. Hypothermia is when low temperatures cause chemical changes to slow down so much therefore the body stops functioning, usually due to exposure to cold weather and other various conditions that can all be treated. “ If body temperatures goes higher than about 100 F or lower than about 97 F, problems may develop.” (Nagel 419). Hypothermia has many causes. The most common cause is prolonged exposure to cold weather. Furthermore, it can also be triggered when wearing wet clothes when it’s cold outside. Hypothermia can also occur in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, if your body temperature drops from being wet. It spawns a number of symptoms, ranging from lack of coordination to loss of consciousness. These symptoms include cold and pale skin, intense shivering, slurred speech, rigid muscles, and disorientation. Hypothermia can also occur in more moderate climate and conditions, consequently producing internal issues. When being immersed in cold water causes heat loss, the body loses heat 25 times faster than ordinary. Up to 90% of…show more content…
If you cannot get the victim to a hospital right away, you can treat them accordingly as, “ Focus on warming the center of the body first, including the chest neck head, and groin. Use skin to skin contact under dry blankets, clothing or towels, if available.” (Henshaw 1). Hospital warming procedures vary, based on the severity of the case. If they are diagnosed of mild hypothermia, they usually let the body warm itself. Moderate hypothermia is treated with active rewarming with a blanket or a hot bath. If the patient is diagnosed with severe hypothermia, which is very rare, they are internally warmed with oxygen or
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