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There are lots of counseling setting in American today, In American there are marriage and family counseling, Group therapy, Rehabatition counseling and Drug and Alcohols counseling. All of the counselor is bond by the state to hold up to their standard of practice and ability by the law. People can chose any type of counseling session they need to help solve their problem and to cope with life situation. Marriage and family and Drug and Alcohols are the most popular counseling in the American, Counselling helps people learn to cope better and develop a more positive perspective through taking actions that enable them to feel self-empowered and focuses on helping people build stronger support systems and relationships that will strengthen and protect them from life problem.. I chose Japan counseling because they common deny problems both in personal live and at work. They feel that is beyond the control of any individual. They will use some type psychologists who prescribe drugs rather than counselor is who will talk to you and try to work out problems. It is know that counselors do exist throughout Japan. In Japan these type of counseling is there to help them and when they need it. The type of counseling that are offer in Japan individual counseling Family counseling and group therapy. They counselor will help individuals to identifying behavior and problem before it get to bad. ."…show more content…
The psychologist will offer some counseling service. Japan will deny there is a problems. They feel that is bound your control. You must learn to deal with the situation. The American people will go to see a counselors to talk about their problem, and get help with their situation. We can’t control the situation. I feel that counselors is there to help anybody that need it. Counselors will help a person by provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological
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