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MBA in Multivariate Data Analysis-I MBA Multivariate Data Analysis-I MBA ( Multivariate Data Analysis-I ) MODULE - I Multivariate Data Analysis-I MODULE I Overview of Multivariate Statistics Module Description The goal of studying this module is to outline the concept of multivariate analysis. This module identifies the specific terms and techniques included in multivariate. It also explains the key concepts of multivariate analysis. It also discusses the multivariate techniques based on variables. By the end of this module, students will be able to know the multivariate data analysis, statistical terms, and concepts. They will be able to explain the multivariate techniques. Chapter 1.1 Introductions to Multivariate Analysis Multivariate Data Analysis-I Multivariate Data Analysis-I Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 1.1 Introduction to Multivariate Analysis Aim 1 Instructional Objectives 1 Learning Outcomes 1 1.1.1. Introduction 3 1.1.2. What is Multivariate Analysis? 3 1.1.3. Multivariate Analysis in statistical terms 3 1.1.4. Basic concepts of Multivariate Analysis 5 1.1.5. Multivariate Techniques 5 (a) Classification 5 (b) Types 5 Self-assessment Questions 11 Summary 22 Terminal Questions 23 Answer Keys 23 Activity 25 Bibliography 26 e-References 26 External Resources 27 …show more content…

This basically models reality where every circumstance, item, or choice includes more than a solitary variable. The data age has brought about masses of information in each field. Notwithstanding the quantum of information accessible, the capacity to acquire a reasonable picture of what is happening and settle on canny choices is a test. At the point when accessible data is put away in database tables containing lines andcomponents, Multivariate Analysis can be utilized to process the data in a meaningful

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