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Nike has been creating great iconic sportswear for over five decades. The Nike Swoosh has become a staple for athletes and sneakerheads all over the world. Since 1964, Nike has created some of the best sneakers that not only influenced the sneakerhead culture but change the sneaker game completely. Here are some of the most Iconic Nike Sneakers of all time that any avid collector of prime sneakers would be proud to have in their collection… Yes, now sneakers have become like art, people collect them to show them off with good reason because some of these kicks currently cost obscene amounts that serious sneakerheads will go to the ends of the earth to acquire (if it comes to that).

15. Nike Air Force 1

The best shoe that ever created by Nike is the Air Force 1 designed by Bruce Kilgore which were inspired by the American presidential plane. These sneakers were the first to use “Air Technology”. They are offered in low, mid and high-top shapes. They were also the first Nike Basketball shoes to feature the “pivot Pint” technology. There are over 2000 different versions of these shoes and they happen to be the best selling Nike’s of all time. It’s a classic that just won’t go away and sneakerheads are always looking for a great pair that everyone missed.

14. Nike Foamposite

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These became Michael Jordan’s signature shoes that courted controversy. The red and white sneakers eared Jordan numerous fines because they did not have enough white in them. Nike had to pay a $5,000 fine every time Jordan wore them on the court. This added to their allure and their legend status. They were changed after a while but the story has made them the most talked about shoes and every avid collector will have the banned version in their

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