Air Jordan History

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Air Jordan has been a huge part of the shoe game ever since they first came out in 1985. When Nike first saw Michael Jordan’s performance in college they immediately took action with him he got drafted into the NBA.. With all of his athletic ability not every game did he always play like the superstar he played like as we know him today. Yet his shoes still did sell pretty well for his first and second years playing in the NBA. As the years went by Michaels show performance got way better by averaging 30 points a game, and that’s when his shoes went crazy in selling. Everyday there were about several million pairs of Jordans selling each day. To think that Air Jordan could've never existed after Michael Jordan tried to get his agent to get him a deal with Adidas. But Nike pulled out and got Jordan to sign with them.(Elder, 2013) Nike noticed what a tremendous impact that Jordan had in the NBA. In matter of fact he played so good that Nike wanted to make him his own brand of shoes called Jordan. The first pair of shoes they made called the Air Jordan 1s weren’t selling or changing the game so they had to make a good color that opened people's eye.

Then with the smart marketing plan from the NBA commissioner, the NBA fined Nike 5,000 dollars …show more content…

They still sell thousands of shoes a day. In December 2015 they sold 1,073,649 of the Jordan 11. That’s just one pair of all the shoes he has in one month. SportscanInfo reports that 383,094 men's pairs and 690,555 kid's pairs were sold, bringing in $131,759,122 for sneaker retailers in December.(Dunne, 2016) When Nike released the Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” they got 80 million dollars in three hours.(Gotty, 2014) Jordan was a true legend. He’s arguably the best basketball player in NBA nation and has the second most selling shoe in the world and he is retired. That’s what makes him such a successful person as a retired person

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