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In the standard middle school to high school classroom, anyone can walk in a room and see the glare of cell phones sitting on desks, students looking down in their lap, or earbuds coming from every student’s ears. Is this use of personal technology in classrooms benefitting our students? Due to the rising use of technology in the classroom some may argue that the student’s own technology can bring educational benefits, while others only see them as a distraction in classrooms. Being a student from the era of almost everyone owning some form of a personal device. I have personally seen the effects of students using their devices in class, along with succumbing to the use of personal technology in my own class time. I personally side with…show more content…
While in the classroom students use their phone to text, play games, be on social media, and often to cheat. Students who use their phone in class are missing the teacher’s lecture by paying zero attention to anything other than their phone, in this case students “might as well not even be in the class” (Cell Phones Should Be Banned in Schools). In Ron Kurtus’ article Cell Phones Should Be Banned in Schools, he discusses that personal technology is a distraction to the student using them, along with the entire class. Students often time put their phone use above classroom participation and will often step out of the room to answer a phone call. In these cases the student is not only disrespecting the teacher, but also causes other students to miss out on their education because the teacher has to take time away from the lesson to handle the situation. The over use of personal devices in schools has changed the learning and social environment by making more students antisocial and resort to only using their phone rather than interacting with their fellow classmates. In some schools cell phone use is banned during school hours and any student seen with their phone the device is confiscated and held until the students’ parents are called. With having policies to ban phones “teachers reported that students now would be seen in groups talking and some would actually be sitting and reading
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