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3.3 Port and Terminal A port is defined as an area on both land and water, whether on the sea or river, that provides facilities for shipping vessels to load and unload their cargo. This area, contained within 'port limits', will have been established over years of increasing or declining trade patterns and therefore is defined as the 'human set limits'. There may be several harbors and/or terminals within the port limits. While a terminal is defined as a single man-made facility that may have several berths, that handles vessels and possibly more than one type of vessel or cargo. The rapid growth of international and local trade in Maritime sector underline the importance of ports and terminal in connecting the ship with the land to move the people or cargo. Ports and terminal are recognized as vital contributors in facilitating Malaysia’s trade. Since Malaysia is a nation surrounded by a sea area much larger than its land mass, development towards ports and terminal is essential in providing an excellent infrastructures and facilities to traders. 3.3.1 The evolution of ports in Malaysia The area now known as Peninsular Malaysia reached its era as a maritime power in the 15th century, with the port in Melaka becoming a focal point for both local and international trade.…show more content…
Towards meeting this objective, the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) in the Prime Minister’s Department commissioned a study in 1987 to draw up a blueprint for a national port policy. The study, outlining policy recommendations and action plans to enhance the growth and development of ports in the country, set the pace for rapid port development in the country. Central to the policy was port privatization and the establishment of a national load centre featuring modern terminal facilities and large cargo volumes to attract large container
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