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Public transportation is important in major cities such as New York, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. But one of the key differences between Atlanta and the other cites is size. Or most notably population when it’s not as big as these examples. People are not accustomed to public transportation because of the amount of crime that happens in public transportation. Another reason of how public transportation is not effective in Atlanta. There aren’t many places to go that public transportation reaches. Often when people who are using public transportation aren’t from there. They use it to see other places of interests. One of the last and final reason on why public transportation in Atlanta is not effective is because of taxis and Uber. They are …show more content…

Relatively few spots to go is one reason why open transportation doesn't work here in Atlanta. Thinking back New York for instance is the reason it's essential over yonder then it is here. The guide of transportation is more mind boggling in New York then it is in Atlanta. There aren't many spots to visit, for example, the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. Along these lines, individuals won't utilize public transportation. Why? Take Zoo Atlanta as an example it is about a 25-minute walk away from the closest MARTA station, which is great if you want to urban hike and see some of the historic Grant Park neighborhood. But if you don’t you can take a cab which defeats the purpose of the taking the MARTA. Making it pointless here in Atlanta. Taxis and Companies such as Uber and Lift are popular to use here. Why use a bus or a train here if you know where you are going? Why use it if you don’t like to be around people on the bus? People find it safer to ride a taxi or an Uber. I personally have used both a taxi and an Uber and didn’t find it any difficult. Unlike the transportation card that you must continually have to reload when you are low on funds. At times it seems like a hassle. It is true that the price to use a bus is around three or four dollars, but that doesn’t justify the amount of stops that it will take to just get there. Taxis are a one-way trip to go to your destination. There is no need to

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