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Forty-three percent of employees wish they could work remotely, according to a Staples Workplace Survey. If your company offers telecommuting positions or you want to offer this opportunity, consider several tips that support the success of your remote employees. Provide the Right Technology With the right computers, cellphones, internet connection and other technology tools, your employees can do their jobs and stay connected with the office, co-workers and clients. Provide these tools to your remote employees as you equip them for success. In most cases, you will want to maintain ownership of the hardware and software your telecommuters need for their specific jobs. Purchasing and providing the necessary technology ensures each …show more content…

With these communication guidelines, your company enhance productivity, morale and engagement among all your employees. Ensure HR Access The Human Resources department in your company provides payroll services and so much more. The department improves rapport, explains and reinforces company policies, manages employee training, creates development opportunities, resolves conflicts and builds workplace interpersonal relationships. Your telecommuting employees need the same access to the company’s HR professionals as your in-house employees enjoy. In the employee handbook and employee portal of your company's website, include links to the HR department employees and important HR documents. Then ensure your virtual employees know where and how to access these resources. With HR access, telecommuters know that they’re valued and will receive the HR support they need every day. Create an Employee Success Program While remote employees appreciate the flexible work environment, reduced stress and other benefits of their telecommuting position, they typically miss out on opportunities for in-office performance reviews, praise and support from supervisor and co-workers. An employee success program lists and tracks goals, monitors performance and gives employees regular feedback. Implement feedback software like Culture Amp, Weekdone or Impraise as you equip telecommuting employees for success. These tools connect leadership and employees, allow peers to

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