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Retail Sales report is the way to measure spending behavior of the customers based on durability and non-durability of the goods (Retail Sales, 2017). By measuring the demand for the finishes product purchased by the customers, retail sales report helps to feel the pulse of the economy (either expansion or contraction). Healthy sale figures show the financial stability of the customers whereas negative one points towards recession. This report is released by the government agencies like US Census Board. The monthly retail trade report issued by Census Bureau has been divided into two categories. First one is the adjusted category. This category is adjusted according to variation in the holiday, season and trading-day difference. This …show more content…

Also, expenses are lower in supercentres than traditional supermarkets, and customers sometimes give up service and convenience for the lower prices (Morganosky, 2012). Men’s clothing stores are the second good which I am going to discuss. Those days are gone when everyone believes that there is no relation between the fashion industry and men’s clothing. In 1992, there were approximately 683 men’s clothing stores (in million) in the US. This market has experienced some growth in mid-2006, reaching the figure of 804. The main reason behind this growth was a change in the office environment, and male celebrities were image conscious, which leads to change in the trend of men’s shopping (Sindicich & Black, 2011). But after that period, sales have been stagnated till 2017 reaching the figure of 846 (in million), as the market has become more profit-oriented, and men have to pay more for their apparel. Bookstores play an important role in the advancement of a human being. A fluctuating trend has been evidenced in this category. In July month of 2002, approximately 1065 (in million) stores were operating, which was almost double the number of bookstores (563 million) in the same month of 1992. But due to advancement in the internet and technology, this trend didn’t last long and showed a descending trend. New technology like Amazon’s Kindle E-reader, iPad, iPod, the reader can now search databases and books from home rather than visiting

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