Essay On School Resource Officers

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In a recent article from US News, they ask a question that is stirring much debate nationwide, whether school resource officers (SRO’s) are doing more harm than good. The rate of children becoming involved in the Juvenile Justice system through SRO’s is alarming. “In theory, so called school resource officers are supposed to foster exactly what many civil right groups are campaigning for: better relations between law enforcement and citizens, particularly minorities and lower-income families” (Sneed, 2015). The word resource originated from Old French meaning to rise again and in Latin a resurrection. Today’s meaning of resource can be defined as a source of support or something that enhances the quality of human life (Merriam-Webster, 2015). When considering what the title of SRO stands for, children should be given more options and assistance rather than fear based compliance tactics traditionally used on adult criminals. I feel we are almost telling kids well we can’t put you all in jail, so we will bring the jail to your school. How could a cop in a school be non-threatening? Children see a bullet proof vest, Taser, gun, handcuffs, pepper spray and I really doubt they are thinking this person is there to help them.
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They do not see an SRO, they see a cop, and often their behaviors even escalate when an officer is present. I have access to an SRO from the high school a few blocks away when needed. My students know that the only time I request “back up” is when there is truly a threat of imminent danger to self or others. We always utilize de-escalation training, counselor or other trusted adult in building who has a relationship with a student before reaching out to law

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