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Y2 1= h11 (-X2*) + h12(X1*) + n21 (second time slot receive data in RX1) (9) Y2 2= h21 (-X2*) + h22(X1*) + n22 (second time slot receive data in RX2) (10) Equation (7), (8), (, 9) and (10) can also be written as matrix form the received vector in first time slot is [■(Y_11@Y_12 )]=[■(h_11&h_12@h_21&h_22 )] [■(X_1@X_2 )]+[■(n_11@n_12 )] (11) The received vector in second time slot is [■(Y_21@Y_22 )]=[■(h_11&h_12@h_21&h_22 )][■(〖〖-X〗_2^*〗_ @〖X_1^*〗_ )]+ [■(n_21@n_22 )] …show more content…

MRC is as method of diversity combining. MRC multiplied the all branches signal. MRC amplified higher amplitude signal but shrink the low amplitude signals. It is also add the signal from each channel and gain of each channel is made directly proportional to the RMS signal value and inversely proportional to the mean square noise value in that channel. Each channel is different. It is known as RSC (ratio-squared-combining) and PC (prediction combining). MRC is also known as optimum combiner and it is independent of AWGN channels. It can achieved high bit error rate when MRC is used in multi input multi output receiver. The least square solution in this case is also known as maximal ratio combining. In the case of two antennas the least square solution can be written as equation (14) X ̂= (h_1^**Y_1+h_2^* Y_2)/(〖|h〗_1^2 |+|h_2^2 |) (14) IV. MODULATION If the digital modulation modulates the incoming data BPSK (Binary phase shift keying) modulation is used. Encoding of M massage bits single pulse transmit 2M possible time shifts. Transmit bit rate M/T (bit per second) is replicate after every T second. This paper BPSK modulation scheme is used. V. COMMUNICATION CHANNEL Communication channel is medium to transmit the

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