Essay On Sexism In The Media

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It’s plain and simple, women need to be treated fairly in the media.
In a large portion of history, women were treated as property and owned by men. The beauty a woman possessed was considered far more valuable than her character. Even today, this plays a role in the media. A common theme in media exists where women are criticized and over analyzed based purely on their appearance, just as they were generations ago. This has lead to an over sexualization of females and proposes that women are only man's tool. Being valued so poorly by a society has driven sexist treatment. The pressure put on girls from a young age to appear a particular way is something that impacts them throughout their adulthood. You can thank the media for that. As a …show more content…

On Fox News Eric Erickson claimed that it’s basically wrong to have stay at home fathers as opposed to stay at home mothers. He shared that he thinks it’s only the woman's role to take care of children. As he is stuck in his shallow opinions, it was relieving to have Megyn Kelly step in and disagree with what he was saying. Although there’s not always someone to argue against the misogynist comments one may make. Comments of such shouldn't even be being made in the first place. Women and girls deserve to be viewed as equals by the media. Of course, some people would deny that discrimination against women exists. A recent statistic shows that more than half of men think sexism no longer exists ( McClatchyDC). On top of that, about 34% of women claim the same (McClatchyDC). The idea is that since technically women are being paid equally that means equality. While money isn’t everything and actions are. Treating women in media as objects and invalidating them as people counts as sexism in my books. It’s difficult to believe that someone doesn’t see the degrading factors forced upon women on a daily basis, no matter if it’s a degrading advertisement or a comment a work colleague made, discrimination against women still

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