Essay On Spanish American Independence

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Spanish America's thirst for Independence dates all the way back to the 16th century, following the French revolution's success to abolish the monarchy. South America's desire to become independent from Spain was ignited by the French revolution and the declaration of Independence of the United States. South American Creoles (los criollos) of the upper class led the process of Independence of the Spanish colonies. Many historians claim the wars of Independence were a creole affair and throughout this essay many arguments will be addressed to justify their claims, a strong case in their favour being the leader and liberator, Simón Bolívar, who drove the creoles and other ethnic origins to their quest for autonomy.
To begin, the 18th century marks the proposal of the Bourbon reforms, a series of changes which would jeopardise the relationship between the Spanish crown and its American colonies. The term 'Bourbon reforms' derives from King Philip V (b. 1700-1746) and his successors plan to change the Spanish empire for the better. In order to do so, they set out to control all aspects of trade, politics and economy. The colonial
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Despite it being a creole affair, it can be argued that other ethnic origins were opposed to the association Spanish America had with Spain, for example creoles were within a minority however the majority were mestizos, negroes and Indians. Under the Spanish Crown, they were succumbed to racism and poverty, so their thirst for Independence came as no shock. Símon Bolívar is a key figure when discussing the wars of Spanish American Independence as he too was of pure European decent, but as many historians point out he did not only support the creoles, but likewise the masses of Spanish Americans. Thus, Independence from Spain was awarded to many colonies between 1810-1825, which was mainly a creole affair, to an
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