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The last time I went to a football game, I felt like I wanted my money back and wasted my time by being there. A complete lack of competition.
I feel like only the best teams should play the best schedules based on the previous year. In this I will share with you the details of an upcoming game which should be a, “good game”. If any are familiar with the series “last chance u”, I’m sure you know what a blowout game looks like. I feel like it is definitely not what I came or care to see. I’d rather see a nail biting game and live in some excitement.
Teams should only be playing teams on their level. In an appropriate league

In the Greater Cleveland Conference, Euclid High School is ranked number two, behind mentor that is. As these two
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They are disciplined and even though they are young, they also bring a lot of talent to the trade. They are coached well and are aggressive, they have an ongoing competition in which they count pancakes, which Ryan Johnson leads with 13.

If two teams aren’t going to compete with one another in a matter like that, what’s the use of them playing? I feel like in the spirit of competition, we should have better games to watch. As well, I have seen teams play slouches and get to the playoffs just to lose in the first round. In my opinion it’s ridiculous to a team that actually plays a hard schedule to be in the same bracket of the playoffs. When teams play the simple guys and win by a million points get in the playoffs and get kicked out in the first round. I feel like if you can beat teams and go to the playoffs, I think you should earn it, making it so that you can have a good run against the guys like you played during the season.

This was a lengthy example of what I’m talking about. I am now going to use a shorter example of two teams less fit to exchange blows, of course euclid will be another shorter example. As Euclid plays one of if not THE toughest schedule in northeast Ohio, but every once in awhile something somewhere slips through the cracks. As Elyria fell to the Panthers 54 to 28. That is not a game. On top of that Elyria only scored on Euclid
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