Essay On Stemem Borers

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Insects in agriculture are a significant dilemma. Some of them are not that dangerous for the crops as others. Rice crops are a target for several insects, but one of the most damaging ones for this plant are stem borers. According to Hashmi “In Pakistan, rice crop is attacked by about 70 species of insect pests and out of these, rice stem borers are by far the most pervasive and injurious insects to rice. These borers vary in severity of damage and population intensity” (Hashmi, 1994). They are an issue for rice farmers because as Hashmi states stem borers are the rice plague. Agriculture needs to be careful with this disease because it can produce a lot of economic loss and damage to the crops if epidemically expands.
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The way they suck all the nutrients out of the crops is the reason why they are injurious for the crops.
These insects affect rice in many ways. According to Sarwar “The rice stem borer S. incertulas, infesting the plant from seedling to maturity is one of the main problems and yields limiting factors in the rice fields” (Sarwar et al., 2007; Sarwar, 2011). So, as mention before rice producers need to be careful with these little insects because they can cause a lot of damage in the fields and this could reflect on the economic side of the rice company. This plague is playing a role in the economy because how they are producing economical loses and expenditure on trying to keep them away. For farmers, it’s better to spend on controlling these plagues because it could end in financial losses that could harm more that if they don’t manage it.
There are many ways to control this plague such as different varieties of plants and pesticides. According to Muhammad Sarwar “For this trial, no chemical or bio-control agent was used, but, planting times and varietal resistance of the test varieties of rice stems borers were observed.” Which means that they haven’t a biocontrol that is 100% percent efficient and it makes sense because the insect is living in the plant. The most common way to deal with stem borers is insecticides, even though not all the time is effectual. According to a

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