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Many people understand that sugar has no nutritional value and is considered an "empty calorie". What they often don't understand is what effect it has on the body. When you have a sugary food or beverage it is not just fat your adding to your waistline. White sugar, which is contained in unnatural and processed foods can cause many diseases such as Diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and cancer. Sugar effects everything in your body. It effects your heart, brain, bones, pancreas and liver. You name it sugar effects it. It even effects things like skin, hair and nails.
The problem? Americans are getting way too much of it and it is taking years off their lives. According to World Health Organization people should be getting no more than 6 to 8 teaspoons of sugar. Most Americans go over this recommendation by breakfast when they eat a sugary sweetened cereal. By the end of the day an average American has consumed 28 teaspoons of sugar. That is more than 4 times the amount recommended. This is just an average day, it does not take even take in to account any birthdays, holidays or other events that might encourage you to eat more.
Sugar in liquids are absorbed faster than in foods.When someone drinks something like a 12 ounce can of mountain dew which contains about 12 teaspoons of sugar you send a large amount of fructose straight to
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A PET scan shows a comparison of brains from both sugar and cocaine addicts. The results were quite interesting. The part of the brain that lights up for sugar is the same part of the brain that lights up from cocaine. In fact, some evidence shows that sugar is worse for your brain then cocaine. When you consume white sugar the receptors on your tongue send an alert to your brain. This tells your brain to send hormones that feel good, like dopamine, to be released. This leads to major cravings, a tolerance for sugar and an addiction that could lead to many health
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