Essay On Supercarriers

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America’s supercarriers are some of the most advanced military equipment that the US owns. In fact, these supercarriers could have equipment as advanced as lasers! Although they cost billions, supercarriers are the dominate force of the sea and air. In addition, supercarriers last very long while providing air support to any battle. By destroying land and sea threats, super-carriers also protect the citizens. With all of these positives, the price really doesn’t matter.
Ever since World War II, the United States’ has dominated the sea and air with their supercarriers. In fact, the supercarriers “were the centerpiece of five major sea battles between 1942 and 1944, including the battle of Midway” (Wise 1). This is the case because of the advanced plane launching technology that the …show more content…

Since the creation of planes, the US has been trying to innovate and create faster, more maneuverable planes. These planes would be very helpful in combat. Without supercarriers, those planes would run out of gas trying to reach their destination. In addition, supercarriers can reach high speeds of 30 knots. The air support is very powerful and can be used to its full extent. This is the case because of the research that was put in for the new plane launching systems. All of this is very useful for destroying any threats presented.
Although there are many positives, there are some negatives. These carriers do cost a lot to make. This money could possibly be put to use for other useful things. Since the cost is constantly increasing, the government has to compromise in other military areas. This starts to raise doubts on the necessity of supercarriers. Supercarriers are very vulnerable anyway. This is because of all the space being used for the planes. This leaves no room for weapons in case of an attack by enemy forces. Despite all of these negatives, the positives still are a greater help than

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