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I remained near the home for the next approximately 1.5 hours. Law enforcement continued to drive by the home at regular intervals as well. At one time, I contacted Alexandria and she refused to tell me where she is and stated that she would not “confirm or deny” where she was or where the children were. She stated that I would need to talk to their father and then arrange a visit. She failed to understand that I had concerns about the safety of the children and that I needed to see the children. Alexandria continually avoided my questions and was deliberately evasive regarding the safety of her children. About 3:45 PM, I heard loud arguing behind me and I looked in the rearview mirror to see a woman on the hood of a car. She was …show more content…

The children shared with me that they had been scared when they saw Alexandria get on their father’s vehicle. They also told me that she told them that they had to be quiet when CD and LE were knocking on the door and that if they were not quiet that she would spank them. I spoke with Alexandria by phone later in the evening. She shared with me that her and Anthoni had a long history with each other and that they had an on again and then off again relationship. Alexandria clarified that Anthoni was the father for all of the children, but he was not on the birth certificate for any of them except for LaMarcus. She said that they had had DNA testing done and that he was the father for Kennon. However, he denies that he is the father for Asher or Nyrisa, but Alexandria states that he is the father for all four children. We discussed the concerns for drug use and Alexandria disclosed that about one week ago that they (her and Anthoni) had used “party drugs.” Later in the conversation, she disclosed that her and Anthoni had used marijuana, opioids, and cocaine. Alexandria states that Anthoni uses drugs frequently and that he asks for money almost daily. When I asked her about considering treatment for her drug use, she stated that she didn’t think about it because she only recreationally uses marijuana. She did not think about the use of the cocaine or opioids. When I

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