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The MA.IB programme is my first choice owing to the uniqueness of this Master of Arts. The number of postgraduate International Business programmes is almost unlimited, but in fact only a few of them give ground for certain expectations.
My personal demands on a Master’s of International Business, include not only English as the language of instruction, but also a study-abroad period.
However, not all the offered International Business degrees fulfil these expectations, for instance, some prefer to teach the main modules in German.
Coming back to the MA.IB, this postgraduate programme is a striking example of a complete international curriculum. That is to say a totally international atmosphere (around 50% of all students own an …show more content…

During my bachelor's double degree, I already acquired intercultural, multilingual, methodological and social skills. Nevertheless, I want to cultivate my knowledge. Likewise, the study-abroad period, including the international project and the master thesis in cooperation with international businesses appeal to me.
Since I studied in Colombia, the University of Rosario in Bogotá is my first regional preference for my mandatory stay abroad. Although I am familiar with the Colombian culture, I would like to return to this beautiful country, because not only many of my friends are living there, but also some interesting business contacts, for instance the president of the franchise chamber.
Furthermore, the possibility of a double degree and the modules taught in Spanish are a significant bonus. Secondly the Technological Institute of Monterrey in Mexico represents an interesting alternative. Similarly, to the MA.IB, my former university cooperates also with the TEC. Thus, I am well informed about the syllabus and good reputation of this Institute in Latin America. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to get a double degree, which makes the TEC only my second choice. The third choice is the ESCE Paris, because of the offered major in Export Management and International Trade.
Getting back to the MA.IB in Mainz, the structure of the curriculum is

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