Essay On The Mobile Phone

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Many people say they can't leave their homes without this, it feels losing a child. Cell phone, mobile phone, there are many names and brands for this wonderful technology that has impacted the lives of many in the past and becoming even more influential from generation to generation. The cell phone first made for celebrity use due to cost has now become as common as barbies or toy cars for children. The cell phone has not been invented and left as is, it has been developed with many hands to leave a lasting impact on the world of the past, present and future, being twerked daily to meet the needs of the ever growing population. The cell phone was first invented by Dr. Martin Cooper who wanted people to be able to make calls from all around the world while walking freely around his home. Using the concepts of the police radios he had first engineered for his local police station and piggybacking off of DR. Martins revival, AT&T the cell phone was created. The cell phone had many hurdles that had to be jumped through when being invented and the cells were just one. The mobile phone uses “many small cells with a base station and a cell phone tower at the center of each cell”(Kinder) which allows a caller to travel millions of miles and be able to hold a lasting conversation because as the phone moves it will transfer from one cell phone tower to another. However, the cell phone wasn’t done yet, it had to overcome the obstacle of transferring sound waves across a wire then
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