Essay On The Three Wheeler

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“Alright, sounds good Mom, cya later!” I said as both me and my brother grabbed our keys, our helmets and walked out of the new house. “What do you think, should I take the four or three wheeler?” I said. “Whatever you want, I’m gonna take the other four wheeler” Jake responded. “Ah, why not?” I said as I hopped over the fairly tall and high seat of the three wheeler. “Check to make sure you have enough gas!” I took off the cap of the tank and put a thumbs up towards Jake. He pulled out of the driveway and sped off pushing his throttle all the way in towards the trail that we had only noticed was there the day before. We headed down the slippery red rock trail looking out for any cliffs, cracks, and of course animals. It was so …show more content…

We drag raced each other on the trail, each of us were trying to lead up front, because that way you ate the least amount of dust from the very unused trail, think of it like a big and dangerous game of Leapfrog, except instead of jumping over them, you just speed past the person ahead of you at forty miles per hour. It’s pretty fun, but it’s a bit too dangerous to do, it's especially too dangerous if there are other drivers around, but where we were, there wasn’t anybody or anyone for miles. We sped through the blank canvas desert for about 15 miles until my engine randomly died, the machine came to a sudden stop. I checked to make sure that I had enough gas, sure enough, it was empty. My brother drove on for a little while until he noticed I wasn’t there, he took a sharp turn and headed back looking for me. Sooner or later he showed up and pulled over examining whether or not I was alright. “Everything good, you just stop, or… what?” said Jake. “I’m fine… Thanks for asking” I said sarcastically. “I guess I’m out of gas”. “Bro, I made sure you checked before we left,” said Jake. “It was completely full, I guess the three wheeler just uses more gas than we thought”. “Alright, whatever, let’s set up the pull straps and head back home”. We grabbed two tow-straps from the back cargo section of the four wheeler and strapped them from one machine to the other. We both got back onto our ATVs and headed out, sadly the ride back would be much slower than it was coming

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