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The business activities that conducted by Walt Disney Productions were separate into four segment which are theme parks, films, consumer products, and real estate development.
Theme parks
The first business activities that conducted by the Walt Disney Productions which is theme parks. Theme parks is the unique value was the Disneyland Park consisted of 7 principal areas or theme which are the Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, New Orleans Square, Main Street, and Bear Country. Moreover, Disney Theme parks were situated in a multinational country. The management of Walt Disney Productions believed that the reputation and other activities directly benefited to its theme parks. Based on the annual report in past, Walt Disney
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In term of unique value that had provides by Walt Disney Productions was the company generate movies for release under its own label as well as the Touchstone label, which is a brand oriented toward an adult audience. For example, the Walt Disney Productions consisting of 25 full-length animated features in color, 123 full-length, live-action features, eight “true-life adventure” feature films, and above 500 other short films. Therefore, certain movie could be a lasting source of cash for Walt Disney Productions, for instance like annual earnings from the movie of Snow White which increasing from year 1965 $ 13,000,000 to year 1983 $ 28,500,000 . It could be prove is a benefits for Walt Disney Productions. Moreover for the competitive position for films entertainment provide by Disney. There was a low treat of new entrance for this industry because of the competitor which want to enter to this industrial is required to have a cable-programming services. Moreover for the bargaining power of customers, it was a high bargaining power of customer because of there are a lot of films provider are available in the market and the switching cost are low. By referring to the Exhibit 4, there are about 35 competitor which provide the similar services like Disney. Not only high bargaining power for customer, but also a high treat of substitute product and services. Therefore, for
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